I have been a client of Lee's for 6 years.  During this time, he has provided therapeutic services for me while I was pregnant, and ongoing treatments for various issues related to the mind-body connection.  During my pregnancy, there were days my legs were so sore I could not climb the stairs to go to bed.  After a session with Lee, I was able to function at normal levels. I was an at risk pregnancy, and the massage work improved my circulation, lowered my blood pressure, and enhanced my mental well-being.  Lee has done profound work with me in releasing physical issues as I do work on releasing the corresponding emotional difficulties.  His awareness of the mind-body connection has assisted in achieving significant health gains, including eliminating head aches, knee pain, shoulder stiffness, and assisting with anxiety.  I highly recommend the work of Salutaris and its practitioners.

Gail Matheson, PhD

“The most impressive thing about Salutaris is that massage is not just a physical, one dimensional activity. At the clinic, massage is a molding and a healing, a bringing back together of body, mind and soul. I see the goal as wanting to return these three to perfect harmony. I have had a few other massage therapists who are very adept at massage therapy. I have never left feeling as whole as when I leave Salutaris.”

Julie Barnett

“I had hip resurfacing done – it’s called the Birmingham procedure - on my right hip. I went for Manual Lymph Drainage treatment to see if it would help my recovery. And it did. I was treated very professionally, but also very gently. I felt comfortable and confident that this was the right place for me to be. And the treatment worked. It made me feel better and certainly helped me recover from surgery more quickly. “

Dr. Michael Taciuk

“I had surgery on my knees. The pain was so intense that people told me it hurt to watch me walk. I knew a little about lymphatic drainage, and thought it might help after surgery. It did. It was fantastic. I could literally see the swelling go down. The therapist drained the equivalent of a bottle of wine in a week. I healed much quicker. The surgeon was amazed I could return to my job, running up and down steel ladders. I’d been terrified I wouldn't be able to work there again.”

Bob MacDonald

“When I first came to Salutaris, I was very skeptical of the MLD technique - but was desperate and willing to try anything. My hip and lower legs were agony from an inflamed disc. I tried other forms of massage and acupuncture but nothing was effective. Since I started MLD and massage therapy at Salutaris I’ve got consistently better. I’m now sleeping through the night and am almost completely off pain medication. As a sufferer of chronic low-back pain, I’ve found this has been the most effective treatment by far.”

Myron Penner