Whiplash and Motor Vehicle Accident Relief Therapy

Traditional massage therapy techniques should not be applied in cases of whiplash for a couple of weeks following a whiplash injury due to the deep tissue pressure used. Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) however is so gentle that it can be used within the first 24 hours following an injury.

This early intervention reduces swelling, pain and increased levels of inflammation allowing the body to recover more quickly to a normal state while making those early days of healing a lot more comfortable.

By beginning with MLD as soon after the injury as possible swelling can be quickly reduced accelerating the speed at which nutrients are delivered to the damaged tissue and metabolic wastes are picked up and removed by the vascular system.

Once the swelling is reduced traditional massage techniques can be utilized in combination with the MLD to reduce muscle tension, release fascial adhesions, improve range of motion and increase mobility.

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