Trigger Point Therapy


Good For People Who: Need relief from pain associated from Trigger Points 

This modality focuses on locating and releasing discrete, irritable myofascial points that can cause either direct or referred pain within muscle and other soft tissue. Releasing the trigger points improves muscle strength, and increases flexibility and range of motion in the corresponding joints.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What Will It Feel Like?

Applied pressure to affected areas.  It should feel very soothing.

Will It Hurt?

It shouldn't.  If you are experiencing any kind of pain, tell your therapist.

How does it work?

Swedish massage increases circulation and tissue health and reduces tension.  Hormone and neuro transmission will reduce pain and the effects of pain.

Where on the Body does this Massage take place?

Swedish Massage is for the whole body.

How Many Treatments Will I Require?

This varies from client to client. Treatment once a month is recommended for regular maintenance.

How Long of a Session Should I Book?

If you're only targetting a specific area 30 to 45 minute sessions are recommended. For a full body treatment 60 to 90 minute sessions are recommened.